Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The history of Wolverine is all revealed in this movie, headed by an award winning almost unknown actor/director, with a handful of small South African movies under his belt. Luckily, he delivers an utterly enjoyable Hollywood action flick, having no problems with continuous action shots and wide angles (where most directors take the easy way out with short cut scenes).
Story wise, the revelations feel somewhat strange though, as decades of Wolverine comics left us in the dark about his past (and probably still do), and suddenly all the answers are out in the open. There’s obviously no time to delve into other characters (even Wolverine’s is underlighted, if you ask me), even though it’s cool they jump in and out now and then to show us some screen candy.
Acting is good too, though for Hugh Jackman it’s mostly showing us pure rage. Most surprising is a decent performance by rapper/song writer/music producer Will.I.Am.
So, even without a complicated story, it’s still a ride you don’t want to miss (let alone to prepare yourself for a few spin-offs of this spin-off).7½.

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