Review: Star Trek

The bar is set high early this year already, with the likes of Transformers and Terminator having to follow THE MOVIE of the year.
Star Trek is by far all that fans have hoped for, while still being enjoyable for first timers. JJ Abrams makes concessions, and transforms a full nerd-core niche to a more accessible franchise with this action packed, but smartly written origin story. The movie is filled with quotes and knick knacks fans will recognise, but has enough fun, testosterone and sexiness for the general public.
It’s a two hour non-stop warping experience, and I sat through 80% of it with a full bladder. In the end, very glad I didn’t went to the toilet, as every second is worth watching.
All in all, just thinking about a second viewing or the DVD release will make anyone’s heart beat faster, it’s just that good. The must-see of this year. One can only hope there will be a sequel,as JJ Abrams smartly evades canon (after much consideration, I’m okay with it, but probably still a lot of hard-core fans will be pulling out their hair), he now has a clear path to do what he wants.9+.

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