Fairy tales

A new ad campaign has started to raise more awareness concerning being an organ donor. I myself don’t care too much about those wrong assumptions, as I filled in the registration without any thoughts, ticking the box at the highest level. My motto is after all, use what ever you can use, and heat up the oven ! (Actually, that’s a little bit crude, as being the highest level donor means you might end up living another lifetime in the corridors of a university hospital. I myself carved up some decade old corpses during my Med year.)
But as a good deed, AND mostly because those pictures combining the facts are quite humorous, take a look at this website.

2 Responses to “Fairy tales”

  1. Tienz Says:

    Especially the pics are funny! 😆

  2. bern Says:

    Fairy tales are many and varied, I myself have written over six hundred such tales, all different bern

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