Review: CSI 601 – 608

With all the new series reviewed, it’s time to get back to the regulars. And why not begin with the Nielsen ratings king, and well deservedly so. Still at the top every week, with some 10 point ratings and a 25 share, there’s no question about it.
Since last season’s finale (probably everyone’s favorite to this date), Tarantino’s legacy lives on. His fabulous setup, with some dark personal drama, carries over to this season, with some nice storylines branching off naturally (mostly forgotten during the previous season, not living up to its full potential).
And when you think with all the goodies going on, that it’s about to wind it down a bit, you’ll get served another movie-quality-like two-parter, nicely scheduled during the sweeps. Best season yet ? Probably (though last season’s finale will always linger in the back of your head, making you think season 5 could be the best).

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