Review: Ghost Whisperer 101 – 103

It’s been done several times in the past years. First was Haunted on the UPN (axed after only a few episodes) and Tru Calling (canceled after one season) on Fox. Ghosts of dead people, whom only the star of the show. Then comes the crime solving part, followed by a confrontation of the non-believer. Then all ends well, including the proving part (telling something only the dead person would know) where the unbeliever becomes a believer.
So too does this one follow the same steps. It makes it a pretty mildly entertaining show, mostly due to the inevitable predictability. While the show doesn’t focus on crime, but more on closure, it hence has more opportunity for mushy tear jerking scenes. But with no special twists (like Tru Calling had with the time jump) and no real character development (save for some flashbacks) to be seen, it’s a whisper that might well be lost in a crowded schedule. For now, I’ll hang on (at least Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t a pain to the eyes), since a few shows got canceled already, but come mid-season replacements, who knows.

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