Review: The Closer 101 – 105

TNT’s tagline “We know drama” has always depended on a limited number of original TV movies and mini-series, lotsa older theatrical movies, combined with re-run rights for ER, Law & Order, and a whole bunch of those. But this summer they’re really stepping up a gear, with the expensive Into the West mini-series, they have two original series slated (Wanted, scheduled to air in a few weeks), while The Closer aired with success for the past few weeks.
Focusing on the female lead (Kyra Sedgwick) who starts a new job leading a new LAPD special unit, much to everyone’s annoyance (people not liking her approach to the cases, the feeling of being overstepped). Following the cases we also get a glimps in her rather chaotic life, while the cases are mostly being solved through her own special interrogation techniques. Her character seems sufficiently fleshed out to last a few season, and a key view into that development keeps things interesting.
And while it’s _another_ procedural crime show, it’s fairly enjoyable for now, but things might change if the TV season heats up again in a few months.

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