Review: Fantastic Four

Fantastic on paper, but on film, it’s just good. Then again, Good Four doesn’t sound too overwhelmingly exciting.
As with most Marvel Comics heroes, the adventure starts with an accident, after which the discovery of the amazing powers ensues. Difference with huge box office successes like X-Men and Spider-Man is that this movie is built around these powers, instead of seamless integrating it into the story. A second thing that sets this one apart is that the characters seem the least close to being human than the others. This is further exploited by making the interaction simpler, and making the dialogue less complex. Add to that the fact that the story evolves using mostly simple devices and cliches, and you have a standard pop-corn movie. With the other Marvel movies, I’d recommend everyone to see it, but for this one, I only recommend it for the comic book/action movie lovers (as you’ll still have the visual effects and the continuous bickering among the team members to keep you busy).7+.

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  1. Mr T Says:

    Die Fantastischen Vier – Jetzt ins Kino!!!!

    “Du bist Heiss”
    “Ja, ich weiss”

  2. Qbix Says:


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