Review: The Inside 101 – 106

This is Fox’ newest procederal show to highlight the summer, and almost has a (NBC’s) Profiler feel to it. With a professional team behind it (most of the Imagine team that are also behind 24), it still lacks a certain feel to it. As the team of special FBI agents of the Violent Crimes Task Force (still exactly as the Profiler) psycho analyse the crimes, there’s still time for personal drama (again, the same). And while I’m a true proponent for that, so it creates extra depth for the characters, in this series it feels too contrived.
Cases follow up each other in the same way, with the first suspect never being guilty, and a surprise ending by a character you’d least expected. It’s nice, but it’s not perfect. Then again, at least it’s not a forensic show. Let’s see how this plays out after the summer.

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