Review: Daniel Powter – Daniel Powter

He says he’s having a bad day, but if I listen to this “debut” album (he already released an album in 2000), it’s gonna be a bad year.
As is usual with these artists, they start off with the best song of the album. That way you’ll buy the album, only to have it be a huge disappointment (but at least the artist will have his pension taken care of). Well, that’s exactly what this album is.
Of the 10 tracks, only one is a hit, and the rest is mediocre stuff. A few are even irritating. On most of the songs, he even pretends to be a long lost brother of the BeeGees, but raising his voice like that doesn’t make it more interesting. Of course, I have to admit, there are one or two potential next singles that will be a hit, as I do know what the mass will like, but for people with a more evolved taste, this is just too unimpressive.5+.

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