Review: Madagascar

2 Shrek movies were enough to make the Dreamworks Animation department a grand success (well, there was also Shark Tale, but I kinda surpressed that from my memory), and push the company into a public one. And the first movie to come out and please the shareholders is Madagascar.
Anyone knows this would be a hard act to follow, and frankly, it shows.
There are quite a few wacky characters in this movie, but the design isn’t as strong. Also, with the lack of a strong story comes the fact that jokes aren’t as inventive and there are more pridictabililties. Cliches are another offspring of this fact.
While all this mentioned above is noticable, it doesn’t mean this movie isn’t good though. For instance, the voice acting is pretty solid. And there’s always room for a tiny smile along the way, and it’s probably easier to understand for the kids. As the following grade suggests, it’s definitely a one-time see-er.7+.

2 Responses to “Review: Madagascar”

  1. Mr T Says:

    I’d expected a hot chick alert for Gloria…:lol:

  2. Bern Says:

    I strongly disagree. What a crapmovie this was. And the fact that I saw some downloaded internet thing with a-synchronus voices/moving images had nothing to do with it. What a lame set of jokes, boring boring boring. 3 in my book. Fortunately, this is not my book.

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