Review: Napoleon Dynamite

Last year’s low budget indie movie slowly grew into a surprise hit, earning a 100-fold of it’s budget after a price war at the Sundance Festival (from a $400.000 to a $44+ million gross). It’s actually a quite surprising result, considering the sheer simplicity of the movie, both technical and on the creative side.
In the one hand, you have a bunch of complete nerds, done in a minimalistic way (unlike, for instance, the Revenge of the Nerds series). In the other hand, you have the occasional uttering of “Gosh!” and “Idiots!”, immortalizing Jon Heder’s character (while it’s actually Jon Gries’ character that’s the most funny). The rest is just as simple, with no real story and characters to speak of.
Does it hold up as a movie ? Barely. Watching it with friends, laughing at the on-screen losers, might help it a lot. And maybe that’s why it’s become a hit (and a big winner at MTV’s 2005 Movie Awards). But I wouldn’t recommend you spending too much money on it (i.e. share the rental price with your friends).6½.

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  1. Tienz Says:

    Idols the movie? 😯

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