Review: James Blunt – Back to Bedlam

Fellow blogger Daxxon who moonlights as a commerce driven DJ and pulls double duty as a podcaster (i.e. he goes wherever the wind blows him to) never impressed me with his musical repertoire. But there has to be a first for everything. So with much restraint, I tried another one of his tips, this time not so commercial, and actually not one played over the airwaves yet.
Needless to say, the song (You’re Beautiful) made me wonder what more this raw white Brit version of Aaron Neville had to offer. With only 10 songs on the album, he has to make every single one count to make a lasting impression. With only one minor slip, so he does.
Musically, it’s not an eye opener. But that’s not noticable, as the singer/songwriter has other strong points to show for. His voice is most apparent, belting out the highly melodic tunes with soul and determination. Pair this voice with personal experience driven lyrics and you have yourself an excellent album for pure relaxation purposes.8-.

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  1. Bern Says:

    Glad I could help out, Kimz 😉

  2. Albi Says:

    Try KT Tunstall too

  3. Anonymous Says:


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