Over the years, some specific questions keep popping up, and sometimes they keep having the same answer. Like, Betamax or VHS ? Should I get internet ? How about DVD, when is it time to get a player ?
The answer usually depends on one thing (for the guys at least). Porn. And as a result, all of those mentioned above went on the be a huge success.
That’s what’s Sony is thinking right now. They have the Playstation Portable out. With it comes a new media format, a small disc called UMD (Universal Media Disc). And for it to succeed, what do you need ? Right. Porn. So, Sony just licensed a bunch of those, porn movies with their logo in it. And since porn usually pushes the envelope a bit further, they’ll also have the first region free UMD’s out next month.
You game ?

3 Responses to “Universal”

  1. Qbix Says:

    good insight.
    but getting a psp would be for me as nintendo fan a big step. It should be some real good porn:cool:

  2. Tienz Says:


  3. Mr T Says:

    Not all men are the same Tienz, although I can not find any examples at the moment that can contradict your statement…:razz:

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