Review: Smallville 401 – 422

Season openers and finales tend to bring the best out of this series, as it happened time and again. For this season, even more so. It’s only the opener and finale that stick out out this episodic season. Continuing a bit on an intriguing myth, the story arc dropped to a bare minimum. Bringing a new Teague/Luthor rivalry this season seemed a good move, but the repeating death threats from here to there and back again made it a bit laughable at the end. On a personal level, again, it gained only a little this year. Needless to say, the red warning flag for repetition alert went up quite a few times, making this season one of the lower points of the four year run. The finale, again, brought some new mystery to the story, so let’s hope the series will regain its strength in season 5.

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