Review: The Assassination of Richard Nixon

Inspired by a true story (to my knowledge, a pretty unknown one), it actually just a character piece. And who’s your go-to guy if you want a real character actor ? No doubt most critics will point out Sean Penn (who deservedly has 4 Oscar noms under his belt). You could say with the handful of movies he has made in the past years (21 Grams, Mystic River, I am Sam), it’s a real come-back (from the eighties) with a vengeance.
So, even the most clueless will understand this whole movie is pretty much a one man show, focusing on his character, and what drives him to his final act (though you will understand a little bit more, some things are still unclear). Even if the subject isn’t interesting for everyone, the acting alone is enough not to fast forward any bit of this movie.7½.

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