Review: CSI 508 – 525

And another one goes down. Still the king of all procedural shows, this season has held its high standard all the way to the end. Strong writing on new cases, and only a bit of personal stuff gets mixed in (could have been a lot more though). With continuing strong ratings, it’s one of the few shows this year to get a 25 episode order (the other one being Lost), but that’s not all. Of all the episodes, only the last two will stand out.
The most notable guest spot is actually behind the cameras. Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, it’s probably the most intense, the best written, the best directed episode of the whole run till now. Dynamically directed with strange quirks we’ve come to expect from him, using music in the same strange way to transfer the drama into the living room as only he can, he elevates it to a cinematic experience. What a way to go out and start a sixth season with confidence.

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