Review: Kingdom of Heaven

The first of the big budget summer movie lineup, it’s supposed to be a Kingdom of Heaven, a kingdom of conscience. That may all be so, but it’s certainly not a kingdom of excitement. From the same director that gave us a pretty glorious Gladiator, this movie seems a bit unfocused. Ridley Scott himself called it finding a balance, but in the end, I missed depth, character, drama, exciting battles and all the other things that made Troy a good movie. We only get glimpses of those facets, and that’s just not enough.
There’s another problem with this movie, as most movie-goers probably can’t really relate to the Holy Wars, Jerusalem, the crusades, counsels of barons and all. You’ll get the bigger picture, of course, but you still can’t figure out what makes these people tick.
While not a total disaster (in quality, it’s between Alexander and Troy), I certainly hope the rest of the summer lineup will do a better job at live up to the expectations.7+.

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