Review: Bruce Springsteen – Devils & Dust

After an extensive world tour with the E Street Band, he’s back with a solo album. The band was probably not the only thing he left at home, as the minimalist musical setup suggest only a handful of acoustic instruments was used. I usually don’t have a problem with that, but with the direction Bruce is taking, leaves me with a pale impression.
He’s always been known for his story-telling qualities in his songs (think, the River), and this album is full of it. The style though, is much slower, more like a trip to Nashville. Less than a handful of songs remind me (too much) of his older materials, but sadly these are still the only songs I can bear. The majority are actually more fitting on an audiobook then on a music CD. This album is definitely not continuous replay worthy. And for the psychologically less stable people, I’d like to warn you before you slip slowly into a full-blown depression era.5½.

2 Responses to “Review: Bruce Springsteen – Devils & Dust”

  1. Bern Says:

    The Boss? Wow. Thought that guy wuz long gone.

  2. arachnofoob Says:

    Well his upcoming concerts are still sold out. But let me enlighten you, all the songs on this album aren’t new, they’re from the period when he recorded The ghost of Tom Joad, like a decade ago. Kinda boring too.
    So don’t you feel exhilarated now? Let’s just keep Waiting on another sunny day!!
    P.s do you have a copy of The rising?

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