Review: White Noise

After a succesful string of horror flicks last year, most producers see this as an opportunity. These movies following each other quickly, drawing big bucks on tight budgets (hence its popularity. See last months alone, The Grudge, Hide and Seek, The Ring 2, Cursed, Boogeyman, and the list goes on and on). So too does this movie fall under the same banner, and still the ticket paying audience doesn’t mind the harsh reviews.
Michael Keaton plays the obsessed husband taping and listening to audio tapes for messages, and later on watches the white snow on the TV trying to find his late wife. Besides the beginning and the end, that’s pretty much all you get. The Sony brand flashing on the tapes, the TV’s, and all the other equipment doesn’t add much depth either, and as the character starts to rewind the tape for the zillionst time, your urge to fast forward the movie gets stronger and stronger.
It’s just another piece of proof this genre has basically nothing to offer.4½.

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