Review: Blind Justice 101 – 105

This is ABC’s midseason replacement for the cancelled NYPD Blue, from the same hands that lead it for 12 years (while being on the TV job for more than 40). This time Steven Bochco teams with John Badham, more familiar in the movie director/producer business.
Premise is not hard to guess, a cop goes blind, and we follow his hardships at work and at home. This dramatic role is on Ron Eldard’s shoulders, no stranger to drama, whose film career lifted off after an extended guest spot on E.R. (Sleepers, Deep Impact, Black Hawk Down, House of Sand and Fog). And it’s not there where the problem lies. Till now, the cases aren’t really surprising or interesting. Writing seems a bit tiresome, with no direction really getting off the ground. With this whole low key feeling, I’m afraid it will die a slow death soon.
That being said, the jury is still out though, as we try to get a better view (no pun intended) on how this will play out.

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