Review: 2046

Having competed in several film festivals already the past year, I thought it was finally time to find out what this was all about.
Wow, what a long sit this was. While there are enough movies running two and a half hours, this one seemed extremely long in comparison. Scenes that should take seconds are stretched to minutes.
As far as story telling goes, it’s pretty much thin air. Every single minute you keep wondering, where the hell is this going to. After 30 minutes it’s pretty much hopeless. Nonsensical scene after scene. While the soundtrack keeps the dull atmosphere pretty dull, there’s a recurring song that chills to the bone. Downright irritating.
Tony Leung Chiu Wai is in most of the scenes, but this role is a long distance away from previous performance in Hero. When the movie is over, you can finally let out a long sigh, with the only solace being that you’ve seen a full hour of Ziyi Zhang.5-.

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