Review: The Woodsman

The controversial topic alone makes this a grim drama, but the execution makes it much more than that. Following Kevin Bacon’s character after his release back into society (on supervised parole) and how he deals with it, is written in such a way, it’s almost a psychological thriller. In-depth character exploring dialogue covering multiple angles on his life make this in the end a more heartfelt drama.
The movie is executive produced by Kevin Bacon, and it’s not that surprising, as it’s another spot on his resume that proves he belongs to the best among his peers. Taking a risky role like this, he gives an excellent performance, that gives us a dark look into the mind of a former child molester, but supporting cast should not be overlooked.
This being a sensitive subject, it’s definitely hats off for the script writers and the director, making this balancing act work just fine.8.

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