Review: Avatar

James Cameron did it again. After 12 years on top of the all-time world wide box office, he is the only one getting close to knocking off Titanic from its $1.8 billion nr. 1 spot.
And he does it by amazing us with IMAX 3D technology, producing the most fluid, best textured and motion captured world ever shown on screen. Its the whole exploration experience that makes this movie, as the story is a bit on the simple side. It’s the colors and the environment that baffles you for 3 hours, not the story or the drama. The script isn’t in totally bad shape or anything. it’s just not that surprising. There are nice ideas here and there though.
Also, Zoe Saldana made many hearts beat faster in Star Trek, and as an Na’Vi alien, she still does. So all in all, it’s the visual journey that makes this movie, which means where it really counts (the emotional journey), movies like The Dark Knight still win.8½.

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  1. OOsz Says:

    I totally agree with ^ , however imo there are some technical issues left that would be nice to see fixed.

    – Sometimes it seemed the framerate dropped a little, making the 3d look cheap.
    – Maybe due to framerate the 3d seemed to be out-of-sync a couple of times. Maybe both projectors were not spinning all the time on the exact same speed.

    It’s something to look forward to for future films in 3D!

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