Review: Max Payne

It’s been a while since we had some new release opening the same week as in the States. Part of the rush is seeing it one day before the people in the US, of course, with the risk of no critical reviews warning you of something bad.
On the surface, you should’ve recognised this one too though, being a video game translation (usually never offering real depth). Lots of violence and Mark Wahlberg headlining got me over the line, but it turned out not to be really much.
It’s basically your average revenge story, set in the present, but still trying the film noir look and feel for no other reason than giving it style. But it leads to the expected style over substance cliche, as the story is slow, not much saying and slim to the bone.
The action are the usual slow-mo shots, with the Matrix copying here and there, and they’re far and apart too. The whole movie is on the verge of being boring, and for a movie marketed in the action genre, it means at least 4 nails in the coffin.6-.

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