I thought it was a funny title, but as I typed that in, I did a domain name check, and see it was registered yesterday.
But seriously, who do I really blame ? The American with their dumb mortgages and money grubbing creditors putting them on the streets ? The Icelandic population ? The world economy ? The world wide stock market who decide their prices on a gut feeling and follow each other like sheep ?
Nopz, I blame my own government. I went searching for a safe place to park my money, and not see it diminish because of tax. To do that, you have to find the bank with highest interest rate, and that was for the time being IceSave. Not only that, why would the government let it open a Dutch subsidiary if it had the knowledge the bank was not up to par ?
If last week, anyone who would say putting my money on Starbucks stock (SBUX on Nasdaq) was safer than a savings account, I would’ve laughed so hard in his face my leather belt would pop and my Levi’s jeans would fall on the floor.
Now all I can do is suck up to a certain Wouter Bos and look at the Dutch Bank with puppy dog eyes. Can I have my money back now ?

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  1. Geert Says:

    Don’t worry be Happy 😛

    Alles sal reg kom…

    Wouter Bos and the DNB did an exellent job with nationalising Fortis Nederland and
    they will have to continue bail out Dutch savers with foreign banks with branches here.

    To quote Spike Milligan (from The famous Goon Show) :

    Money can’t buy you happiness..but is does bring you a more pleasant form of misery. 😡

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