Review: The Strangers

Success for low budget slasher flicks vary from time to time, but they usually rebound their budget or make a killing (financially, of course). Lately, they’ve been on a slight uptick again, but honestly, I couldn’t care less, cinematically speaking.
This one is no different. Just your typical horror, with the latest hot topic “home invasion” (see last year’s Funny Games). They all seem to scream, live in the upperclass suburbs at your own risk, but beyond this message I see nothing new. It’s your average “help I’m getting chased by a psycho killer, let’s do something stupid to make my own situation worse, aaaargh, I’m dying” movie. Sure, it builds some tension here and there, but it’s still not enough to make a movie (still missing out on story and character). So the overall warning still stands, don’t go to these type of movies (resist, even if you really crave for a Liv Tyler movie).4.

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