Taiwan picture batch 1

It’s been over two weeks since I’m back home from vacation, and you haven’t seen any updates yet. That’s mainly because I needed more time to relax. Actually, I still need more time, so no written pages with pictures just yet.
But to keep you a bit occupied, here’s a flickr stream, mainly because it’s free and saves me a whole lot of bandwidth.

Downsides though:
– 100 MB limit
– 1024×768 image resolution limit
– no nice URL to give to friends.

Ah well, if anyone has a better suggestion, feel free to inform me (free to use and ad-free public viewing, and all mentioned downsides removed or upgraded).

Here ya go for the pictures I’ve uploaded for now: http://flickr.com/photos/28285142@N08/

(update: new link here)

Oh and a K-uiz for the less geographically challenged Google Earth oglers, try to guess the coordinates where I’m taking the pictures between P1090567 and P1090713. There should be enough clues already.

5 Responses to “Taiwan picture batch 1”

  1. Marz Says:

    Great pictures Kimpz \o/ (P1100030, P1090883, p1100397, P1090789, P1090784 to name a few 🙂 )

    Looks like to me that you can always start working for a travel guide or something like that 😉

    And what kind of bad-ass camera do you have, that makes people semi-transparent on the pictures (p1100397) ? 😛

    And the answer for the k-uiz: my guess is somewhere on Penghu County (Google Maps doesn’t give coordinates 🙁 ) Oh, and it’s P1090713 (page 1) to P1090567 (page 2) 😉

  2. Geert Says:

    Nice shots KaNam !
    P1090761 shows Lover’s Bridge at Danshui (or T’an Shui)
    taken from the Fisher Men’s Warf 😛

    The sunset pictures are from the North-West Coast of Taiwan.
    The 2 radar domes are listening posts for Chinese radio/tel etc traffic and are on the
    West Coast. TaTa

  3. Marz Says:

    When are you going to announce the winner of the k-uiz ? :mrgreen:

  4. Geert Says:

    Got some more time to study your nice pics…
    P1090635/690/628/614/597/573 the island in the background Chi-Kung (Keelung) Islet, north of
    Keelung (Chi-Kung) port.
    P1090731 The 2 radar domes/listening post are on the most Northern Point of Taiwan. 😎
    P1090537 Easy that one, HQ Taipei Fire Dept 😈
    P1090713 Power Station,on the coast, west of Keelung Port ❗
    Now no more.tata

  5. B. Says:


    Heb net 5 gb aan webspace (met ftp accountje) voor je vrijgemaakt. Plenty bandwidth – maar ik kan je mailadres nergens vinden 😉

    In other words: Mail me and I’ll make you rich :mrgreen:

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