Review: Hancock

Will Smith continues his July blockbuster trend, but it’s not all fun this time. A slightly bit down character makes for a darker moody atmosphere, but actually doesn’t provide Mr. Smith an extended range of acting opportunity (instead it’s just a sour face throughout the movie). Besides this departure (his movies were either full blown fun, like Independence Day and Men in Black, or it was overall serious, like Ali or The Pursuit of Happyness), the script is a bit off, the three acts are so noticable different, it’s a bit disturbing.
Director Peter Berg let’s down too (coming of an excellent engaging The Kingdom), inviting us into the movie with a high speed green screen cgi sequence, but making it look like it’s finished with Sony Handy-cam and an amateur version of Pinnacle Studio 9. Maybe it was a budget or time issue, but it’s a bit Will Smith unworthy.
Overall though, the movie is still enjoyable (still enough jokes to go around), it’s just not as strong and solid as you’d expect.7+.

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