Review: Bionic Woman 101 – 106

One of the most anticipated series, airing on NBC, the title says it all. With David Eick heading the project, you might think it’s a good sign (Battlestar Galactica), but now, a few episodes further, you see a lot of shortcomings. Even seasoned writers like Glen Morgan (X-Files, Millennium) couldn’t save it (exiting the show early on). Most lacking is basically anything that makes a TV series excel, and comparing it to Battlestar Galactica is a huge mistake (ingredient missing ? Hell yeah, it’s called Ronald D. Moore).
So what can mr. Eick achieve on his own ? Basically a formulaic “lady kicks ass” type of show. First episodes had a few more serious sides to it (maybe even an intriguing antagonist coupled with personal turmoil and ambiguity), but those elements subside pretty quickly, leaving you with a show so easily watched on 10x speed fast forward, it’s just not worth watching anymore.
Depending solely on so-called funny dialogue, nonsensic mission objectives, and short unimaginitive action sequences might satisfy the usual NBC audience, but my standard is quite a bit higher.

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