Review: Lions for Lambs

The first movie coming off the revived United Artists banner (now under Cruise/Wagner productions’ direction, after both got booted by Paramount), focusing on low to mid-budget specialties. This mostly means, story story story. And that’s exactly what I like about movies.
Looking at this movie from a cinematic standpoint, even the $35 million budget seems a bit high, basically filming only in a handful of rooms (only one location shot, which easily could’ve been an on-the-lot trick shot anyway).
So how does the story work out ? Pretty much perfectly. Characters are there, talking their way to a better understanding. Using current topics, it provides thought provoking ideas. With both sides delivering valid arguments, it’s engaging, no matter which side you’re rooting for or regardless what the movie’s politcal message wants to be. The scenes cut through several ongoing story lines and it’s not clear how they’re related (if at all, and in which time line), but slowly it will become clear.
So lotsa kudos to Robert Redford (dir./prod.) and the “new” United Artists production company, focusing on story and characters alone. Some goes for Cruise, stepping down from big-budget box-office-safe blockbusters.8.

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