Review: Pushing Daisies 101 – 104

The fall TV season is already in full swing and there haven’t been many surprises on the horizon. Lotsa standard shows going around, offering nothing too special. So, _if_ you churn out something special, you’ll get noticed.
This year it’s Bryan Fuller again (Star Trek: Voyager, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me), leaving a comfortable producer spot on hit show Heroes to go out and explore, instead of playing it safe and earning a big buck. A little bit of trust from Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black, Wild Wild West, Get Shorty) who exec. produces, and ABC, goes a long way, and a new show is born.
The synopsis is short and rules bound, which I won’t give away just yet. It creates storylines enough to make a series stand, but along with that, you’ll get great and funny story telling, and a bit of character development and relationship evolving finished it off. Watching this brightly colored world filled with exaggerated primary simple shapes gives you an other-wordly experience, while the content is still very much earth-bound. If you want to truly experience something new on your TV set, this is the show to go for this year.

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