Review: matchbox twenty – Exile on Mainstream

It’s been twelve years already, and while keeping a pretty low profile overall (no world fame with screaming fans running behind them), they have managed to score the most #1 hits in the adult contemporary hit lists of all times at the home front. And it’s not strange, there hasn’t been one band who has churned out album after album so different from each other, while still having that same instantly grabbing wow-factor kinda quality.
Now this is mostly a greatest hits album, but out of the 6 new songs, 4 already deserve that diamond encrusted life long monster hit – plaque, that one I only give to the most special songs. That’s because, once again, they go a new direction (this time a rocking uptempo big band style), but still make it their own. Amazing production value means musically it’s sound, and vocally is also a non-brainer. Their uniquely sharp and vividly imaginative lyrics suck you in to listen to songs over and over again (for instance “You’re bad mood just ties my hands, Turns my cartwheels into head stands”).
Grading only the new songs, with 66% hit rate (while good albums rarely go above 30%) means it’s definitely a 4 thumbs up.8½. (Full album. 10-)

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