Review: Damages 101 – 103

Here’s the biggest smashing TV hit (in my opinion) of this summer. Airing on FX, where I don’t watch a lot of shows (The Shield and The Wire bored me a bit, if not irritated me to the bone), those shows are known to push the envelope.
And that’s what you have here. Intrigue, suspense and mostly, characters. Story seems unfolds on flashbacks, but it’s actually the main show. The current time actually moves slowly forward only inch by inch, so the flash-forwards combined with the backstory provide the ultimate kick.
Story surrounds a big media splashing prosecution (think Enron), and we see multiple sides of how it unfolds. Mainly the prosecutor, in the form of Glenn Close, playing one of the most vicious bitch you’ve ever seen (if you think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada was bad, triple that). Then we have a new associate starting in the prosecutor’s office, and a mysterious bond somehow linking her with the opposite party. Combined is a dark gritty thrillery series, strong on story telling and character development and manipulation. Even if the story was bad, the character would still carry the show, that’s how good it is.

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  1. Smart`` Says:

    The main writer/creator – Todd Kessler, is one of the guys behind Soprano’s, so that’s a plus for me :).

    The New Yorker had a similar view on the show btw:

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