Review: Evan Almighty

Sequel to Bruce Almighty, then headlined by Jim Carrey, we basically have the same crew behind it. Tom Shadyac is behind the camera again, but script is now under sole control of Steve Oedekerk (having 2 colleagues in Bruce).
Do we get a rehash of the first story ? Only a bit (the discovery part, of course). After that, we go a slightly different path, but it seems obvious with only one writer, sometimes he can go into a wrong direction and keep going, with no one to alert you you’re going off-road.
And that’s actually where it’s heading. The story is simplistic and predictable, and can be fully described in just one line. There’s nothing extra built around it. The jokes are also not inventive enough, nor does the drama hit any emotional strings.
Does that mean this most expensive comedy ever made is totally lost on you ? Well, there are a handful of simple jokes to laugh at, and Wanda Sykes is a riot, as always. The visual effects are also there, with a pace quick enough not to bore you. But in contrast, it’s still a bit of a disappointment.6½.

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