US Box Office

High-tech box office record breaker this week, as The Transformers charge their ways to the top spot with $67.6 million, and already a total of a whopping $152.5 million (since that started showing up on Tuesdays already).
Ratatouille isn’t beaten down easily though, at two with $29 million and a total of $109.5 million. Live Free or Die Hard has to do with a spot lower, $17.4 million and a total of $84.2 million.
A second new entry at 4, Robin Williams starrer License to Wed has a $10.4 million ceremony, and might be considered a flop.
Evan Almighty drops to the fifth spot, with $8.1 million and a $78.1 million total, it IS definitely a flop (considering $175 million budget).

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