Review: Pringles Rice Infusions – Cheese Onion

After expanding their excellent crispy chips line with some light versions, they’re expanding once again. This time it’s their Rice Infusion series, which may or may not surprise you, infuses rice into their usual Pringles mix, making the chips absorb 30% less fat.
pringles rice infusion
Flavors coming out will all be the same as the regular Pringles, so taste-wise, you know what to expect. The base, however, has changed a tiny bit (and with that, only a tad of the flavor), and you’ll notice it mostly on the much denser texture. The rice makes the chips harder and you have to chew a little bit more.
So, for the weight watchers out there, you can eat more now ! For the rest of us, just stick with the regular series.

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