Review: Meadowlands 101 – 102

When I caught this new series on Showtime, thinking a relatively strange title combined with both favorable critic and user reviews might be that one summer hit that sometimes comes along.
Wow, was I wrong. First of all, it’s import, it’s not really a Showtime show, it’s freaking British all over (Channel 4 to be exact). It’s rare enough I ever like British shows, but even then, it’s usually comedies. So, here we have a show that tries to be strange, just to be strange. No real good storytelling or compelling characters, just strange, and nothing else. And even then, it’s still predictable. If there’s anything I hate, it’s writing something strange without a real purpose. And that’s what this show is all about. Well, at least they have Weeds coming back on in a few weeks, otherwise I’d call upon a channel boycot.

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