US Box Office

With no real contenders opening this week, Pirates sails its way to the top spot again, adding another $43.2 million to the war chest, and a total of $216.6 million.
Opening at nr. 2 is comedy Knocked Up, starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl. While opening with $29.3 million seems like a worthy premiere, noting the $10.200 screen average means it doing serious business.
Shrek the Third continues its slow decline, now at nr. 3 with $26.7 million. Opening at 4 is Mr. Brooks, starring Kevin Costner in a bad guy role, with $10 million. Spidey 3 rounds out the top 5 with a steady 50% decline, swingin in at $7.5 million and a grand total of $318 million.

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