Review: The Fountain

Everythin Darren Aronofsky touches, will become too weird to be described. I’ve seen the ultra-depressing Requiem for a Dream, but the story outline for this movie even mentioned sci-fi elements. So why not give the guy another chance.
*NNGGGG* Wrong move. In this one, he tries to marry 3 absolutely unrelated stories into one, with all the inconsistencies still attached. And he does it in the boring way, where you wanna chew off your own leg before the first half hour is over. You can try to focus on his composer buddy Clint Mansell’s score, you can try to admire the acting of Hugh Jackman/Rachel Weisz, but you still wanna break off your own fingers.
All in all, if you wanna indulge in this meta-physical surreal bull-crap for 90 minutes (and you like his previous work), this is probably for you. Otherwise, save yourself, run away, whatever it takes.5-.

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