Review: October Road 101 – 106

Another late season replacement (for the axed Men in Trees) on ABC, it pairs nicely with Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday night.
It’s a small-town drama revolving around the return of Bryan Greenberg’s character, Nick Garrett, who left 10 years ago and has never returned since. In the mean time, as a writer he had success with a semi-auto-biographical novel which has become a bestseller. Hence, dealing with the past ten years will be the main focus, or at least for one or two seasons.
For now (the season is already over after 6 episodes), it seems to be geared towards a younger audience (teens to thirty-somethings), with the most simplistic form of dramatic writing about love and friendship (sometimes bordering cheesy and childish-ness). Then again, maybe it’s this simplicity that I’ve watched all of the episodes till now.
So it seems to be a good time filler if my schedule isn’t overloaded, but for incentive, they’ve thrown in a hot chick. Most people will directly think I mean the blonde hoarse voiced Scarlett Johansson lookalike Laura Prepon from That 70’s Show, but I’m actually pointing to the brown-haired, up and coming star (my prediction), but most importantly ultra-hot-chick Odette Yustman, who’s so fresh, there are still no respectable fan-sites to be seen and only a handful of decent publicity pics *hint for her manager/publicist*.
As you can see, with season 2 still uncertain, I’d say its future is only bright if they intend to keep Odette in the loop. As only 2 other guests got preemptively bumped to regulars (locking them up for a possible second season), logic would suggest I’ll be leaving October Road behind pretty soon.

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