Review: Sunshine

Unconventional director Danny Boyle has now really made a name for himself. Many movies he can make interesting for just a dime and a nickle, for this one he has a moderate budget (still his personal highest now though, $50 million). Many big name directors squander $100+ million to a shitty movie, but mr. Boyle does it quite differently.
With only a handful of actors, lavish special effects (sun up close and personal and all), and a gritty thrillery sci-fi back drop, he makes the most of it. The actors are pushed to a performance that’ll give you a sunstroke. How about an incredible performance by Chris Evans ? Quite a long shot from his frolicking around in Fantastic Four, I can tell ya. Same goes for everone else, including lesser knons like Troy Garity (Barbershop 1 & 2).
Then there’s the story which has the same intense qualities as the first Alien movie. Edge of your seat is where you’re heading. Even though it’s not a character piece, the moral dillemmas will keep you quite occupied.
From the trailer, you might think it’s some kinda Armageddon ripoff, but this is exactly the opposite of that.8-.

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