Review: Hertog – Appeltaartijs

It seems we sailed through winter quite nicely, with barely any frost and snow. And then summer popped up early, so what better time to introduce a new flavor from this innovative ice cream company ?
With an impressive track record (I like about 80% of their whole ice cream line-up) already, I can tell you they’ve added another instant winner. While it’s not really apple cake, it is a nice approximation. Fresh apple sauce with only the tiniest hint of cinnamon, with roasted almonds as the finishing touch. All this combines to a distinct flavor, but the balance is the magic word here. While here-in also lies the danger (addiction alert !!!), the balance causes you to continuously enjoy this ice cream, without ever getting that saturated feeling (both in your taste buds and in your stomach). And that’s rare in even the best ice creams.9.

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  1. Qbix Says:

    I hope Tinus doesn’t read this 😆

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