Usually, I have nothing against an updated lay-out. It happens all the time (‘cept here, I like to keep the same theme going, saves me HOURS and HOURS of work).
But now ol’ trusty IMDB decides to make a change too. And I don’t like it at all. Strange gaps all over the place, and everything is scattered (for instance, voting + grade is all the way at the right top).
What do you think ?

Old design:


New design:


Ah well, guess I’ll be a user while it lasts (it will be removed in the near future).

3 Responses to “Make-over”

  1. Qbix Says:

    ugly indeed

  2. Tienz Says:

    Mag ik even zeggen dat ik het verschil niet eens zo groot vind?

    Waar je je allemaal wel niet druk over kan maken…:roll:

  3. James Dorsey Says:

    Finally, someone else who still uses the old layout. I hope that IMDb keeps the site for years to come! The new design is horrid and definitely not an improvement over the user-friendly website design that has been up for years.

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