US Box Office

A flaming skull rides on his evenly flammable motorcycle to the top spot, as Nicolas Cage sets a new personal record as Ghost Rider. Dragging a host of bad critical and user reviews behind him, it still earns $44.5 million.
At two, Walden Media combines forces with Walt Disney again, with another children book to wide screen conversion. Bridge to Terabithia earns $22 million in its first week.
Norbit drops two places, at three with $16.8 million. The Eddie Murphy comedy can’t get anyone smiling, but still curiosity for his Oscor nom for the other movie probably keeps business going for a bit longer, now with a total of $58.8 million.
Marc Lawrence (of the Miss Congeniality series) enters number 4 with a rom-com, Music and Lyrics. Starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, it earns $14 million.
Cross-dressing director Tyler Perry (of the Madea series) aims at the urban viewers again, with Daddy’s Little Girls. Another all-black cast earns $12.1 million, good enough out round off the top 5.

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