(+44) – When Your Heart Stops Beating

Can’t say I’ve really been a fan of Blink 182. Of course there are the radio friendly hits. But I’ve discarded most of their albums as too much of the same guitar style and shout heavy. After the split up, one third, Tom Delonge was the first to finish an album with a newly formed band Angels and Airwaves. Granted, grandiose intros very much to my likings, but well into the song, it’s again that same weary feeling. Now the other two thirds (Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker) have finished their album, also with a newly formed band.
And guess what ? AGAIN. It all sounds nice at first glance, but it just doesn’t stick. The hooks are too simple, and the songs are too similar. And let’s be fair, that’s what Blink 182 had going now and then, since none of the singers were world class vocalists. Of course, since it’s not repulsive at all, and they probably do their genre honor, it’s not a totally bad grade.5½.

Update 13-12-2006: I guess some songs did grow on me, and the playlist is now down to 7 songs (Baby Come On, When Your Heart Stops Beating, 155, Lillian, No It Isn’t, Make You Smile, Chapter XIII). Not really superb, but still quite respectable.7+.

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