Review: Hertog Advocaat Royaal

Ice cream-wise, this year hasn’t been that great. And now it’s already almost winter. But my view is, why spend a fortune building a nice centerpiece fireplace (or in my case, 2000 Watt portable heater fan thingy) if you can’t enjoy it while having a contrasting delightfully cold dessert ? And that’s where this new ice cream with egg nog comes in. Nice timing, I’d say. But not only that, it’s the nicest thing to come around too. After getting a tast of this flavo, I’ll put it right next to the existing Koffie Royaal, and it would even be able to compete with the non-existing pistache flavor (only available at ice cream specialty shops). For the sugar sensitive among you, it can be frightening, because it’s truly ultra-sweet, but that’s the way I like it. And just in case there’s no dry wood to burn in the fireplace (or in my case, to save energy from draining too much current and risking blown fuses) this creamy ice cream gives you that familiar warm fuzzy feeling that comes with this friendly yellow substance.8½.

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