Review: Justice 101 – 108, Standoff 101 – 106

One round for Fox, it’s a short list (as all the other new shows from this male oriented TV channel weren’t that interesting at all). These two new entries aren’t aiming for the must-see status either though, being fairly episodic and predictable.
Let’s start with Justice, before it is canceled. Oh wait, just received it on the telex, it’s just been axed. Ah well, it was a typical Jerry Bruckheimer production, and it’s another legal drama (just like last year’s Just Legal on the WB), but unlike the previous lower budget attempt, it’s the fully flashy CSI style visualisation, with the suits and the set design to match. But other than that, the characters were pre-defined, but still lacking depth and detail, while the stories weren’t really that interesting at all, leaving no other judgement available than the usual time killer.
As for Standoff, almost the same judgement has to befall on this hostage negotiater based series. While a smaller cast will make the focus shift more easily on the two main characters and their relationship, this also hasn’t been really developed well, still focusing on the case at hand every week. For the guys, there are two hot chicks admire here (Rosemarie DeWitt and Raquel Alessi), but again, predictability is something you can’t negotiate around. This series will have to up the ante if it doesn’t want to drop off my time killer list.

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