Review: The Wicker Man

Nicolas Cage hasn’t done anything this close to thriller/horror stuff, but he always brings drama (City of Angels, Leaving Las Vegas) and a strange dose of humor (Lord of War, Adaptation) to the table. Hell, blockbuster movies is a piece of cake for him too (The Rock, Face/Off). Just leave thriller/horror out of the list. At least this one, for sure.
It starts pretty okay. Dramatic setup and all. Then some mystery gets in the mix. Then the writer/director (Neil LaBute) makes a wrong turn for the worse. Now it’s all silly. And I really mean silly, with the dramatic score still running in the background. Now THAT’s REALLY silly. Of course, you didn’t come for silly, so you’re pretty pissed in the end. And that’s the only thing that matters ultimately. Nic is a lot of men (besides The Wicker Man, he’s The Family Man, The Weather Man, and the Matchstick Man. He’s even a KaufMAN, and a MANdolin), but this one is the one you should forget about really fast.4.

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