Review: Tristan + Isolde

You know what they say about movies that collect dust for some two years. Add to that a director with a drowning career (after the Waterworld fiasco), and you have a recipe for disaster.
Still, any seasoned director, disregarding failures or successes, should know you can’t bring an old story to the screen without reinventing or adding something new. And even then, people who happen to not knowing the story, will see every single plot twist in the trailer.
More failures come in the directing style, leaving too many so-called romantic moments drive the movie, instead of a solid story or dialogue. This movie is an empty shell, and hence, tragedy is not the theme, it’s the movie itself.5.

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  1. Christa Says:

    🙄 Dear Ka-Nam, pleased to meet you, although I wish “our first” would have been in a more positive setting. I am absolutely stunned and thrown by your negative comments on the beautiful Tristan & Isolde. Is there a romantic fibre in your body? Or have you run into this much tragedy in your own personal love-life that you just cannot bear the site of this feature and appreciate it for what it is?
    To my personal opinion you have rated this movie with such a cold and clinical view that you fully missed the concept and lacked to appreciate this tragic lovestory (some among us appreciate an ending like this:wink: but for me the story could only be more beautiful with a happy-end)
    The only tragedy here are your misplaced comments. I’ll be looking forward to your input MI3:grin:

  2. Mr T Says:


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