Review: Firewall

One of those movies where the excitement doesn’t exceed that one created by the trailer, which is always a shame. Most obviously, the writing is far below par. Combine the most generic thriller elements with a nerdy title, and it’s bound to fail. The nerds won’t see any bit of action (Harrison Ford utters he hacked into someone’s account in the trailer, while he definitely did no such thing), and other people won’t even go to see it, afraid they’ll be put off with all those technical terms (only one line is technical, and I’m not even sure it was accurate). To top it off (and kinda violating my non-spoiler policy, but since I’m not recommending this movie, what the heck), it’s not even about a firewall, since any observant viewer knows the firewall was breached from the beginning.
With writing this bad and contrived, I wonder why anyone would sign on for this project.5-.

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